May 1, 2018

Tacos y quesadillas

Served with a choice of chips, rice or salad. Taco taco ★ⓋTwo tacos of your choice: chicken, steak, salsa gringa, avocado and cheese or vegetarian (black beans and lettuce).Taco taco shrimpsTwo tacos with shrimps: cheese,Read More

Apr 30, 2018


Bebidas Alcoholicas Bottled beer Michelada Wine Pina colada Margarita 7.50 8.25 Glass 6.50 / 1/2 litre 14.25 / 1 litre 21.00 9.75 Glass 9.25 / Picher 29.50 Daiquiri Mexicola Tequila sunrise Sangria CincoRead More

Apr 30, 2018


A filled flour tortilla served with a choice of chips, rice or salad. Vegetariano ⓋBlack beans, cheese, salsa gringa, lettuce and guacamole.Mex-vegetariano ⓋRice, cheese, salsa gringa, lettuce, guacamole and sour cream.Burrito Vegan ⓋBalck beans, lettuce, redRead More

Apr 30, 2018


Nachos ★ Ⓥ add chicken $2.50corn chips, black beans, cheese, salsa gringa, guacamole, sour cream.AnafresRefried beans and cheese served in a traditional clay oven, with corn chips.Chips y salsa ⓋCorn chips, salsa gringa.Chips y guacamole ⓋAvocado dip and cornRead More

Mar 4, 2018


Churros $6.75 Alfajores $3.75 Tres Leches 7.50 Flan $ 5.25 Vanilla ice, cream topped with chocolate and dulce de leche.  Churros $6.75 Alfajores $3.75 Tres Leches 7.50 Flan $ 5.25 Glace à laRead More